It is a website under the supervision of the volunteer work platform in which the bodies providing volunteer opportunities are linked with volunteers

Documenting the volunteer hours - | The emergence of volunteer hours on the Absher platform| Ease of searching for volunteer opportunities and finding suitable opportunities for interests, experiences and specialization| Issuing a volunteering certificate and a record of the volunteer opportunities achieved| Allow room for creativity by offering creative ideas and initiatives.

Communicate with Esdaa Customer Service Center to request assistance and address the problem

Yes, your information is safe and available for viewing only by the volunteer opportunity providers

Each volunteer opportunity has specific tasks and it is explained in the volunteer opportunity information presented on the platform, and in the event of an inquiry, the volunteer opportunity coordinator is contacted.

The special restrictions and conditions for joining the volunteer opportunity are determined according to the requirements of the volunteer opportunity

Yes, according to the requirements of the volunteer opportunity

Yes, the platform has volunteer opportunities commensurate with the conditions of people with disabilities

You can issue the certificate through the platform after the voluntary hours have been approved by the agency that provides the volunteer opportunity and your evaluation of the volunteer opportunity

Yes, by withdrawing from the volunteer opportunity long enough before the date of implementing the volunteer opportunity

Yes, and you can issue a certificate and volunteer record for the volunteer opportunities completed

By applying for the volunteer opportunities listed on the platform that suit your interests and skills

The volunteer hours completed after the end of the opportunity will be listed and entered by the representative of the agency providing the volunteer opportunity and verifying the completeness of the number of hours.

This is done by placing it in the Voluntary Opportunities Bank to be adopted by one of the bodies that provide the volunteer opportunity, and you will be notified if this is done.

Yes, on the volunteer work platform, there are remote training courses in the field of volunteering directed to the volunteer

Allows for viewing and adopting voluntary creative ideas and initiatives| Specialized training courses on the field of volunteer work for agencies that provide volunteer opportunities.| The possibility of inviting specialized volunteers to join a volunteer opportunity.

Yes, in the event of non-compliance with the ethical charter for voluntary work

All obligations are mentioned in the entity's ethical charter, terms and conditions

Yes, if he violates the agreed upon instructions and filed a complaint with the Esdaa Center (Customer Service)

By including volunteer opportunities of high economic value that contribute to the development and development of society

Through the volunteers page, by calculating the organization, and adding the number of completed hours of the volunteer

No, he can not only put up a volunteer idea in the Voluntary Opportunity Bank

No, only a volunteer can add a creative idea to a volunteer opportunity bank

Through the volunteer opportunities page and choose to add a volunteer opportunity, which is explained in the user guide

The authorities do not have the authority to give the certificate directly on the platform, but there is a specific work mechanism for issuing the volunteer certificate, which is for the agency to approve the volunteer for the volunteer hours completed, and then the volunteer evaluates the volunteer opportunity and then the certificate is issued

The steps are explained in the user guide