The Volunteer Charter

This charter aims to clarify the controls, values and principles that govern volunteer work rules, and to preserve their rights during volunteer work. Duties Of The Volunteer
1.Adherence to the regulations and instructions related to the involvement of volunteers, whether from the legislative bodies or from the organization, and that are built in accordance with the Sharia principles based on the book and the Sunnah and that include respect and mutual appreciation with other parties.
2. Be honest and have good faith, and look at the interest of the organization and the community.
3. Commitment to complete volunteer tasks with honesty and integrity in accordance with the requirements, principles and objectives of volunteer work, and the relevant laws, regulations and instructions.
4. Commitment to preserve the materials, tools, and pledges received in all their forms and return them to the beneficiary when the voluntary relationship ends.
5. Commitment to preserving the secrets of the organization, whether during the relationship with it or after the end of the relationship.
6. Obligation to refrain from giving any undertaking or commitment on behalf of the organization without referring to the officials and taking official permission to do so.
7. The obligation not to give or declare any information to any media without obtaining permission from the head of the organization.
8. Not to use the resources of the organization for personal purposes.
9. Refrain from receiving or receiving any gift, service, or favors except in cases justified by the rules and customs of hospitality and decency.
10. Be responsible in all actions and sayings, implement the set plans, refer to the program coordinator in the event of problems, and realize that he does not represent only the organization to which he belongs, but he represents the country, its values and principles.
11. To ensure the appropriate outward appearance at all times and occasions.
12. Non-discrimination in providing volunteer service to beneficiaries on the basis of race, color, gender, age, nationality, religion, or physical or mental disability.
13. Effective communication with his colleagues in the volunteer work and the beneficiaries who deal with them and provide them with support.

Volunteer Rights
1- Protecting the volunteer's personal data.
2- Providing respect and confidence for the volunteer.
3- Providing the volunteer with a clear description of the role, the required tasks, the time period, and the responsible person to refer to.
4- Registration of completed volunteer hours on the volunteer work platform.
5- A certificate of volunteering and experience showing the name of the organization, including the name of the volunteer opportunity, the number of volunteer hours, and the period of implementation.